Daemon-Manager: Manage your non-privileged daemons

It seems I’ve been writing little daemons a lot lately–small things that don’t want to run as root but still need to be launched in the background as services. I’ve been noticing because it’s such a pain to integrate them into the system once they are written (or installed). I have to mess around as … Continue reading Daemon-Manager: Manage your non-privileged daemons

Crysis 2–weapon stuck in semiautomatic mode.

So I was playing Crysis 2 and hit a random button on my xbox controller and my weapon went into semiautomatic mode. I could not for the life of me figure out what I had done or get it to switch back. Apparently I’m just dumb but it was so frustrating I tried to search … Continue reading Crysis 2–weapon stuck in semiautomatic mode.

Snow Leopard Time Machine Tweaks

Sparse bundles created by Time Machine in the latest versions of Snow Leopard are created slightly differently than they used to be. It used to be that Time Machine would create a sparse bundle with a name like “machine-name_001122334455.sparsebundle” where the “001122334455” part was your main ethernet port’s MAC address. Now it creates just “machine-name.sparsebundle”. … Continue reading Snow Leopard Time Machine Tweaks

Introducing Daemon Manager

The idea for Daemon Manager came about when I was converting a web site from Apache to Nginx. Nginx doesn’t launch FastCGI programs itself—it only connects to FastCGI sockets and so it requires that you manage the FastCGI server yourself. For a simple web site it might be OK to manually create an /etc/init.d script, … Continue reading Introducing Daemon Manager

All My Stupid Man Pages Are Out Of Date

So at some point the system installed new, nicely gzipped man pages but somehow failed to remove the old ones. And it turns out the man give the non-gzipped version precedence. Giving me old out of date documentation when I ask for it. Weak.

I had about 4500 that I was able to delete, and now my ls and chmod man pages have up-to-date info again. Aaaahhhhh.