Stuck on the final Maquette level

Last night I was playing Maquette and I got stuck on the final level (called “The Exchange”) for a really long time. I was at a place with some towers with crystals above them and I had opened the doors to the first tower; Inside was a switch. Flipping the switch made a bunch of arches appear, leading to another building.

But aside from that nothing happened. I wandered around for about an hour before getting ashamed that I couldn’t solve the puzzle and looking up the answer on the internet. But it turns out, I had encountered a bug! Flipping the switch is supposed to open a door! But instead I just got the switch sound and nothing else happened. I tried loading my last autosave but the same thing happened.

Finally I tried selecting the “Restart” option from the pause menu. I was nervous (restart what exactly? The Level, the Area, the Game?) so I hard saved my game first. Turns out it just reset back to the beginning of “The Exchange”. Within 1 minute I was back at the switch in question and this time I could hear (and see) it open a door when I hit it!

So, if you’re stuck in that section of the game and it seems like you’re just not getting it, it’s not you, the game is just bugged.

Last Modified on: Dec 31, 2014 18:59pm