Stuck on the final Maquette level

Last night I was playing Maquette and I got stuck on the final level (called “The Exchange”) for a really long time. I was at a place with some towers with crystals above them and I had opened the doors to the first tower; Inside was a switch. Flipping the switch made a bunch of arches appear, leading to another building.

But aside from that nothing happened. I wandered around for about an hour before getting ashamed that I couldn’t solve the puzzle and looking up the answer on the internet. But it turns out, I had encountered a bug! Flipping the switch is supposed to open a door! But instead I just got the switch sound and nothing else happened. I tried loading my last autosave but the same thing happened.

Finally I tried selecting the “Restart” option from the pause menu. I was nervous (restart what exactly? The Level, the Area, the Game?) so I hard saved my game first. Turns out it just reset back to the beginning of “The Exchange”. Within 1 minute I was back at the switch in question and this time I could hear (and see) it open a door when I hit it!

So, if you’re stuck in that section of the game and it seems like you’re just not getting it, it’s not you, the game is just bugged.

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  1. Thanks for your post! I thought I was missing something but it turns out hitting the restart button on this level fixed it.

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