My sister accidentally left her phone in a McDonald’s in LA the other weekend. When she went back, someone had taken it and not given it to the lost and found. When she called her number they would answer and then immediately hang up. So she called Verizon and reported it as stolen. Soon after a woman name Sheila called my mom and said she found my sister’s phone out side a Food For Less store in Santa Clarita. My mom asked if she would mind mailing the phone back down to us so that she could avoid making a 140 mile round trip to pick it up. Sheila balked (it was way too much trouble for her) and so my mom offered to mail a self addressed, stamped shipping envelope to her. She grudgingly decided that would be OK.

Today they got the phone in the mail (yay!) along with a folded up note. Here’s what it said:

Oh yes, Sheila, I think we do.

Last Modified on: Dec 31, 2014 18:59pm