iMessage on Mac OS X not working

My iMessage suddenly stopped working in the Messages app and I couldn’t get it to log in properly. In the accounts section it would spin for a while when I typed my password and then give this error:

The registering device does not have appropriate credentials

I finally decided it must be some background task that was hosed and so I poked around and discovered “imagent”:


Killing that processes caused launchd to re-launch it and after that I could log in again. So if you’re having those symptoms, just do this in Terminal:

killall imagent

If you don’t want to do that, then just reboot.

14 thoughts on “iMessage on Mac OS X not working”

  1. After swooping through many unhelpful support forum posts, this fix finally did it!

    Many thanks!

  2. Yeah. People in the Apple discussions are idiots. They have you doing all kinds of signing in and out of services which just don’t work. Ultimately, I’m sure that their horrendously indirect solutions are all centered around getting the system to eventually do what you accomplish with a simple killall command. Thank you.

  3. Messages will not load at all. I have tried rebooting and killing imagent but nothing has worked. Everytime I click Messages it never brings up any screen, but it does show on the menu bar. Then after about 10 seconds an error message appears: “There was a problem with Messages. You need to quit and open Messages again.” I then click that and it closes and doesn’t reload.


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