Selling out: How a Free Software advocate ended up releasing a shareware program

I write computer programs for a living though quite often I end up writing code for myself at home… When I quit my job and started consulting I lost the security that comes from a steady paycheck… So when I needed to write a piece of software to scratch my own itch I started thinking about selling it instead of releasing it as free software.

Efficient JavaScript or Inefficient Browser?

I caught “this article”: on “Reddit”: this weekend and had definite mixed feelings about it. Many of their suggestions were obviously good ideas. But some of what was masquerading as optimization “advice” seemed more like work-arounds for a substandard javascript implementation.

Scotch tape and chewing gum should fix that right up!

We came in today and went directly to the practice track. While waiting in line there we did a few warm up tests and discovered that the steering was not working right. It was turning hard left no matter what we did. So we took a look around and discovere the belt that turned our … Continue reading Scotch tape and chewing gum should fix that right up!

Race day (or so close, yet so far)

Jim and Richard had left when I woke up at 7am so Maribeth (Richard’s wife) and I drove to the speedway where the opening ceremony was about to begin. All the robots were lined up and the press was there mingling among the teams and everyone was inspecting everyone else’s robot. There was a surprising … Continue reading Race day (or so close, yet so far)

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