Slow and steady loses the race

Today started off great with me writing a really nice framework for our controller visualization program. I wrote a driver for the LADAR and we got to watch actual driving LADAR data for the first time. You could see blips where cars were on the road and even see the road boundaries and intersections pretty clearly. It was a success.

Then I started trying to draw the waypoints. And I started hitting snags. And more snags. And more. And even more. I’ve been working on this code for about 8 hours now and have accomplished almost nothing. I am very disappointed in the outcome. The Tcl canvas is just too slow. I’m think I’m going to split up the program into a perl OpenGL section (for the real time display) and a Tcl/Tk section (for the interface). Then I can have the best of both worlds.

Jim and I were hoping to drive tonight and get real time waypoint visualization. He actually fell asleep on the couch before midnight and was still asleep when I left so he probably wouldn’t have gone anyway.

I got some good ideas but I’m just too tired to implement them. First thing tomorrow I’m going to start cracking….

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Last Modified on: Dec 31, 2014 18:59pm