Coming out of the chute

I finally got some sleep. But we got up at around 6:30, breaking my personal commitment to never wake up before 7. We went to the speedway and… I don’t even remember.

Dead battery. Rechard went and bought a new one.

Thought the servo was blown again. Re-centered it. Completely removed MiniPod, everything started working so we put it back together.

Our first QID. We came out of the chute, went straight (just missing the concete border of the chute) then got off course and didn’t turn. We paused it before it hit anything.

Tried to drive around, getting some measurements but everyone was messing with the car or herding us to practices that we’d then back out of.

Drove around looking for food, finally ate at del taco.

All night I wrote a bridge between Richards map finding code and Jim’s controller world.

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