Check it out: My brother is now selling cocktail cabinets built with the same high quality design that we used when we built them previously. So go buy some fantastic custom arcade cabinets!
Here are some more pictures of the cocktail tables we are building:

David and Mike watching Jim sand.

Patrick working on edgetape around the top of the cabinet.

All the finished bases. (All your base... Sorry.)

More sanding around the top.

The work space for the edge tape on the control panels.

A control panel with the first bent sheet metal, and a control panel that just got edge tape put on.

The first base is partially wired for jamma!

This is the board my Dad made for switching between RGB, composite sync, and regular TV

This is our newly wired jamma harness on a finished base

Another view of our switcher board hooked up to the tv board. And thus concludes day 5!

This is dad putting the stain on.

More stain...

This is what it looks like after the stain dries, with the monitor bezel put in.

Uncle Ken

The brake.

Uncle Ken making the punch and the die.

The newly made punch and die.

The punch that cuts the holes for the control panel.

Uncle Ken working at the shear.

Uncle Ken working at the brake.

All the bent and puched sheetmetal for the control panels.

Mike's newly soldered jamma adapter (fingerboard) for Arkanoid!

Mike's table top with paint!

Glue to hold the sides together.

The side being put into place.

Hammering it to make sure it's tight.

David working the hammer.

Dad tacking the bottom in for extra strength.

Mike (aka. Glue boy) wiping up excess glue.

Our first cabinet is done being glued!

Yay! 3 done!

Dad and David with David's top which just got t-molding put on.

Mike's top, and also Davids!

Here are two of the modified TVs.

Here Mike is staining a door.

Mike staining his cabinet.

Mike proudly standing by the stained cabinet.

Dad doing some staining on someone else's cabinet.

Staining the underside of the control panel.

The cabinet with a table top put on.

David Making the template for the coindoor.

Mike's cabinet getting the coindoor opening cut out.

Mike's cab all wired up with a jamma connector hooked up to Arkanoid!

Mike putting the decal onto the control panel.

A nice shot of Mike's from-scratch Arkanoid control panel.

From another angle...

Mike's nearly completed cabinet!

Underneath the Ms. Pac Man control panel. This shows the joystick mounting holes would match up with the holes in the decals.

The top of the Ms. Pac Man control panel.

Both panels done.

Ms. Pac Man all hooked up.

The wireing done for the Ms. Pac Man box.

Ms. Pac Man all done! We built this cabinet for my sister Amy as a birthday present.

Arkanoid next to Ms. Pac Man.

Thus concludes weekend # 11(?)

This is a pict of the illuminated plastic on the Ms. Pac Man table. (Player 2)

Player 1.

The mounted circuit board for the Ms. Pac Man cab.

The insides of David's Centipede cabinet.

Jim's Time Soldeirs Cabinet.

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