Type Title Author/Director/Developer Date Rating
Book Chasing The Dime Michael Connely 2004-06-24 ****_


I liked this book. It was an easy read (I read the whole thing in one day) and it had interesting parallels to my own life. Henry Pierce, The main character works at a startup technology company and his company’s quest for funding was all too familiar. The story starts out with the Henry in his new apartment (apparently his girlfriend didn’t like him working so late all the time) with a new phone number. The phone is ringing off the hook with people asking for “Lilly”, and this intrigues Henry and leads him on a quest to find out who “Lilly” is. This turns out to be a deeper mystery than he expected and then twists interestingly near the end.

I only had one problem with the book and that was the part where Henry’s company has some big investor they are going to do a song and dance for and then show him a patent for their cool technique. They then are going to take the patent via courier out to the patent office and apply for it. It is critical to the story that those events happen in that order, but it makes no sense to me why you would not apply for the patent just to show it off to the investor. It isn’t like applying for the patent early would make a difference to the investor—Patents take years to be approved and I don’t think anyone sees them until they get final approval. On top of that, even if someone were to see the patent, it’s a patent and they couldn’t just copy the technique, so the company still has the power to woo the investor. So that part just didn’t make sense to me.

One small plot problem wasn’t enough to make this story unenjoyable and the strength of the characters and the underlying mystery easily make this a book that I would freely recommend.

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